Heavy Hearted
Album Artwork. Title: Heavy Hearted | Artist: Clymax 2018 | Package Type: 2-Panel Cover + CD Creative Direction: James E. Walker + Clymax Art Direction + Design + Illustration: The Art of James E. Walker
Layout Design
Mightier Than the Sword
Album Artwork. Title: Mightier Than the Sword | Artist: K-Rino Label/Affiliation: Black Book International/South Park Coalition 2018 | Front Cover | Design Style: Multi-image manipulation. Creative Direction: James E. Walker + K-Rino Art Direction + Design: James E. Walker Photography: Jose Arryo
The Art of James E. Walker
Houston Strong: A Tribute to the City of Houston
Identity design and iconic mark designed as a special tribute to the Houston Astros and a visual relief for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This installation was organized by the Houston Via Colori Street Painting Festival as a benefit for the Center for Hearing & Speech. My square was sponsored by Advanced Bionics.
Built On Integrity
Brand identity for Built On Integrity, an independent contractor and carpentry company based in Houston, Texas.
Dean's Daiquiris
Brand identity for Dean's Daiquiris, a daiquiri shack based in Baytown, Texas.
Brand identity for aVisualsoundtrack, our in-house photography team and freelance photographers.
Head Down, Sleeves Up
Album Artwork. Title: Head Down, Sleeves Up | Artist: The Real J. Walker! Label: AVSxNDS Music 2017 | Single Cover | Design Style: Conceptual Photography Creative Direction: James E. Walker Art Direction + Design: James E. Walker Photography: ImaReelChick
The Art of James E. Walker
Brand Development. A collection of the logos + icons + brand marks.
Logo + Icon Design
A variety of brand identity layouts for marketing and advertisement design.
I was commissioned by Renaissential to create the identity and marketing ads for The PlayList: A Pop Up Shop & Gallery for the art of James E. Walker and Shawn Artis' collaborative show.
Never in the history of hip hop or music period has there ever been someone to release 7 albums at one time... until now. Houston's own living legend K-Rino is soon to release The Historical Big 7 Collection. I present to you the seven covers, all with totally different concepts. Album Art + Layout Design Commissioned by K-Rino Art Direction + Design: James E. Walker Photography + Illustration: James E. Walker
Every underdog has his day with this is inspirational success story that unfolds, right out of the box. Calendar Art + Layout Design 12-Month Calendar Creative and Art Direction | Illustration + Design Photography by Hannah Walker
BRAND IDENTITY CLIENT: JUNE ARCHER An iconic fireball of inspiration. Logo Design + Brand Identity
Creative + Art Direction | Design
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