Brand Identity Design. Client: FleeFitness Project: Logo Design + Social Media Layout Industry: Clothing/Apparel Creative + Art Direction: James E. Walker
Brand Identity
Houston Strong: A Tribute to the City of Houston
Identity design and iconic mark designed as a special tribute to the Houston Astros and a visual relief for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This installation was organized by the Houston Via Colori Street Painting Festival as a benefit for the Center for Hearing & Speech. My square was sponsored by Advanced Bionics.
Brand identity for aVisualsoundtrack, our in-house photography team and freelance photographers.
Dean's Daiquiris
Brand identity for Dean's Daiquiris, a daiquiri shack based in Baytown, Texas.
Built On Integrity
Brand identity for Built On Integrity, an independent contractor and carpentry company based in Houston, Texas.
Brand Development. A collection of the logos + icons + brand marks.
Logo + Icon Design
A collection of logos and brand identity applications. Logo + Brand Identity Design
Creative and Art Direction | Illustration + Design
CLUTCH CITY 365 | Rockets Remix
A logo brand mark created for my love of the Houston Rockets NBA organization during their playoff run into the Western Conference Finals vs. the Golden State Warrior, 2015.
BRAND IDENTITY CLIENT: THE ARTIST'S CORNER: YOUTUBE WEB SERIES I was given full creative direction for this project to creative a brand mark that represented artists from various aspects and disciplines. If you look closely, you will see the tip of a paint brush forming a hole for the "A's" counter. It can also be seen as an arrow pointing up to the destination. You have just arrived to The Artist's Corner. Logo Design Industry: Arts/Craft/Media
Creative Direction | Design + Illustration
9th & York // Logo Design
Creative Direction + Design: James E. Walker Client: 9th & York Project: Logo Design + Brand Identity
BRAND IDENTITY CLIENT: DEM DAYUM TWINZ The challenge for this project was to create a brand mark that represented the great polarity/ying-and-yang personality for the hip hop duo, DEM DAYUM TWINZ. I decided to go in the direction of creating a modern and graphic seal that carried a commemorative feel of the ancient ying-and-yang symbol. Logo Design + Brand Identity Industry: Hip Hop/Rap
Creative Direction | Design + Illustration
I was commissioned by Renaissential to create the identity and marketing ads for The PlayList: A Pop Up Shop & Gallery for the art of James E. Walker and Shawn Artis' collaborative show.
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