I'm From Houston
Album Artwork. Title: I'm From Houston | Artist: Rapper K Label/Affiliation: South Park Coalition 2018. Jewel Case Layout | Design Style: Illustration & Photography Creative Direction, Art Direction, & Photography: James E. Walker
Layout Design
Heavy Hearted
Album Artwork. Title: Heavy Hearted | Artist: Clymax 2018 | Package Type: 2-Panel Cover + CD Creative Direction: James E. Walker + Clymax Art Direction + Design + Illustration: The Art of James E. Walker
Layout Design
Brand Identity Design. Client: FleeFitness Project: Logo Design + Social Media Layout Industry: Clothing/Apparel Creative + Art Direction: James E. Walker
Brand Identity
Mightier Than the Sword
Album Artwork. Title: Mightier Than the Sword | Artist: K-Rino Label/Affiliation: Black Book International/South Park Coalition 2018 | Front Cover | Design Style: Multi-image manipulation. Creative Direction: James E. Walker + K-Rino Art Direction + Design: James E. Walker Photography: Jose Arryo
Layout Design
Houston Strong: A Tribute to the City of Houston
Identity design and iconic mark designed as a special tribute to the Houston Astros and a visual relief for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This installation was organized by the Houston Via Colori Street Painting Festival as a benefit for the Center for Hearing & Speech. My square was sponsored by Advanced Bionics.
Head Down, Sleeves Up
Album Artwork. Title: Head Down, Sleeves Up | Artist: The Real J. Walker! Label: AVSxNDS Music 2017 | Single Cover | Design Style: Conceptual Photography Creative Direction: James E. Walker Art Direction + Design: James E. Walker Photography: ImaReelChick
The Art of James E. Walker
Dean's Daiquiris
Brand identity for Dean's Daiquiris, a daiquiri shack based in Baytown, Texas.
A variety of brand identity layouts for marketing and advertisement design.
Every underdog has his day with this is inspirational success story that unfolds, right out of the box. Calendar Art + Layout Design 12-Month Calendar Creative and Art Direction | Illustration + Design Photography by Hannah Walker
Brand Development. A collection of the logos + icons + brand marks.
Logo + Icon Design
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