FleeFitness Monogram

FleeFitness Monogram Knockout

FleeFitness Combination Mark Logotype

FleeFitness Wordmark Logotype

FleeFitness | FleekFit Wordmark Logotype - Women's

FleeFitness | FleeFit Wordmark Logotype - Men's

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Off-White Remix
An "abstrametric" illustration of the Air Jordan, Off-White sneakers. Created as a part of The Dream Team Sneaker Collection.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Abstrametrics
Fashion, Apparel, Sneakers, Nike
Gen-e-sis // 20 in x 20 in // 4-Color Silkscreen Print on Woodstained Panel // Not much of a painter, I'm more of a multimedia artist. This piece was selected for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Citywide African American Artists Exhibition in 2017. It's a portrait of my son at the age of 3, yet ironically, it continues to grow with him. I named it "Gen-e-sis" which represents the beginning of fatherhood and our journey together.
Graphic Art, Abstrametrics
Arts & Culture, Public Art, Printmaking
BRAND IDENTITY CLIENT: THE ARTIST'S CORNER: YOUTUBE WEB SERIES I was given full creative direction for this project to creative a brand mark that represented artists from various aspects and disciplines. If you look closely, you will see the tip of a paint brush forming a hole for the "A's" counter. It can also be seen as an arrow pointing up to the destination. You have just arrived to The Artist's Corner. Logo Design Industry: Arts/Craft/Media
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Creative Direction | Design + Illustration
CLUTCH CITY 365 | Rockets Remix
A logo brand mark created for my love of the Houston Rockets NBA organization during their playoff run into the Western Conference Finals vs. the Golden State Warrior, 2015.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Illustrative Logos
Illustrated logos take the form of graphic and pictorial style with a mascot feel.
Brand Design, Logo Design, Custom Logos
Mascots, Illustrative Design
Space Night Club
If you've ever been to Space Night Club in Houston, perhaps you've seen my work within limelight. // Commissioned by Raydon Creative.
Logo Design
Parties | Nightclubs
Brand Design Pack for S.T.A.H.B. (Stand Together And Help Build) // This identity pack includes a custom logotype, monogram, and seal design.
Brand Design, Logo Design
I'm From Houston
Cover Art & Design for hip hop/rap recording artist and South Park Coalition member Rapper K | Commissioned for Creative & Art Direction, Design & Illustration.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Design
Music, Cover Art & Design, Hip Hop/Rap/Funk
To Be Us: To Work
Poster Art for Documentary Film, TO BE US: To Work by TO BE US Productions // This film has been selected to feature in several film festivals including the NYC Chain Film Festival, Geelong International Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, The Workers Unite Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, and the Whistleblower Summer & Film Festival.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Design
Film & Entertainment, Documentary, Poster
BRAND IDENTITY CLIENT: DEM DAYUM TWINZ The challenge for this project was to create a brand mark that represented the great polarity/ying-and-yang personality for the hip hop duo, DEM DAYUM TWINZ. I decided to go in the direction of creating a modern and graphic seal that carried a commemorative feel of the ancient ying-and-yang symbol. Logo Design + Brand Identity Industry: Hip Hop/Rap
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Creative Direction | Design + Illustration
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