All collateral designed, handcrafted, and packaged by The Art of James E. Walker at AVSXNDS (NDeskribebel Studios) 2013

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Rocketeer Wes
Rocketeer Wes is a conceptual photo illustration that represents my son's obsession with all adventures of taking flight (airplanes, rockets, skydiving, etc.) He now has his own set of wings to fly.
Graphic Art, Photography, Abstrametrics
Portrait Art, Photo Illustration
Let's Talk About It | Flyer Campaign
The TRUTH Project, Inc. presents Let's Talk About It, Vol. 3: Our Mental Health Matters! & Vol. 4: A Candid Conversation On Mental Health & LGBTQ People of Color
Posters & Flyers | Flyers | Flyer Series
Graphic Design & Illustration
Trippy Travi$
An "abstrametric" portrait of Houston's own Jacques Webster, better known as Travis $cott. (La Flame, Cactus Jack).
Graphic Art, Illustration, Abstrametrics
Music, Hip Hop & Pop Culture, Poster
AirMax 91 Remix
An "abstrametric" illustration of the Nike Air Trainer Max 91, endorsed by Bo Jackson. Created as a part of The Dream Team Sneaker Collection.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Abstrametrics
Fashion, Apparel, Sneakers, Nike
A collection of my favorite posters from the 2013 series. Poster Art + Design
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Creative + Art Direction | Design + Illustration
Design and illustration campaign for The PlayList Pop Up Shop & Gallery featuring James E! Walker and Shawn Artis at The Brandon Gallery.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Creative Direction
Branding, Fine Art, Merchandising
Laugh Now, Cry Later
Album Artwork. Title: Laugh Now, Cry Later | Artist: Zahi 2017 | Package Type: 2-Panel Jacket + CD Design Style: Illustration Creative Direction: James E. Walker Art Direction + Design + Illustration: James E. Walker
Layout Design
The Art of James E. Walker
This Conversation Matters!
The T. R. U. T. H. Project, Inc. & Loud, Inc. & Amazing 102.5 presents This Conversation Matters! Dating & Sexual Health While Navigating A Pandemic.
Posters & Flyers | Flyers
Graphic Design & Layout
Give flowers to those you love while can still smell them. Entry one of a dedicated memorial series. Illustrated Design Digital Illustration Portrait Self-Initiated Project
Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art
Creative + Art Direction | Design + Illustration by James E. Walker
Every underdog has his day with this is inspirational success story that unfolds, right out of the box. Calendar Art + Layout Design 12-Month Calendar Creative and Art Direction | Illustration + Design Photography by Hannah Walker
Graphic Design, Illustration
Entertainment, Visual Storytelling, Calendar
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