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New Heights
Cover Art & Design for hip hop/rap recording artist Clymax | Commissioned for Creative & Art Direction, Design & Illustration // New Heights - Album // Available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify + Apple Music //
Music, Album Cover Art
Illustration, Graphic Design
Never in the history of hip hop or music period has there ever been someone to release 7 albums at one time... until now. Houston's own living legend K-Rino is soon to release The Historical Big 7 Collection. I present to you the seven covers, all with totally different concepts. Album Art + Layout Design Commissioned by K-Rino Art Direction + Design: James E. Walker Photography + Illustration: James E. Walker
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging
Divine Order
Cover Artwork for James E! Walker // Divine Order - Single // Available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify + Apple Music + Tidal + Amazon + Deezer + Pandora + more.
Covers | Album Covers | Music
Photography: Imareelchick | Creative Direction + Layout Design: James E! Walker
I'm From Houston
Cover Art & Design for hip hop/rap recording artist and South Park Coalition member Rapper K | Commissioned for Creative & Art Direction, Design & Illustration.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Design
Music, Cover Art & Design, Hip Hop/Rap/Funk
A collection of my favorite posters from the 2013 series. Poster Art + Design
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Creative + Art Direction | Design + Illustration
Let's Talk About It | Flyer Campaign
The TRUTH Project, Inc. presents Let's Talk About It, Vol. 3: Our Mental Health Matters! & Vol. 4: A Candid Conversation On Mental Health & LGBTQ People of Color
Posters & Flyers | Flyers | Flyer Series
Graphic Design & Illustration
ICTV | Covers
Cover Art & Design for ICTV (Infecting Change Television) Streaming Network
Graphic Design, PhotoGraphics
Television, Streaming Services
Postcard design and illustration for 5-Series Artist Edition of greeting cards and postcards.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Greeting Cards, Postcards, Packaging
Open Call Auditions
The T. R. U. T. H. Project, Inc.'s Open Call Audition for talented artists for special projects during Houston Pride.
Posters & Flyers | Flyers
Graphic Design & Illustration | Abstrametrics
To Be Us: To Work
Poster Art for Documentary Film, TO BE US: To Work by TO BE US Productions // This film has been selected to feature in several film festivals including the NYC Chain Film Festival, Geelong International Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, The Workers Unite Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, and the Whistleblower Summer & Film Festival.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Design
Film & Entertainment, Documentary, Poster
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