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DRT's Tour Guide Ambassador Badge (Retro Edition)
Welcome to the tour—the gallery's open! New updated retro badges, inspired by the Houston Astros and Rockets sports teams.
Merchandise Design
Graphic Arts & Illustration
Every underdog has his day with this is inspirational success story that unfolds, right out of the box. Calendar Art + Layout Design 12-Month Calendar Creative and Art Direction | Illustration + Design Photography by Hannah Walker
Graphic Design, Illustration
Entertainment, Visual Storytelling, Calendar
To Be Us: To Work
Poster Art for Documentary Film, TO BE US: To Work by TO BE US Productions // This film has been selected to feature in several film festivals including the NYC Chain Film Festival, Geelong International Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, The Workers Unite Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, and the Whistleblower Summer & Film Festival.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Design
Film & Entertainment, Documentary, Poster
Welcome to the Tour! Las Vegas, NV
A digital illustration over my photography. Photograped in Las Vegas, Nevada on the Las Vegas Strip. This work is apart of our ongoing Designer Rap Tour series.
Photography, Design and Illustration
Tourism, Las Vegas, Nevada
BAAT Studios
Logo redesign for BAAT Studios. BAAT (Bridging All Arts Together) Studios is a creative collective group of artists, designers, creatives based in Houston, Texas.
Brand Design, Logo Design
Arts & Culture
The T.R.U.T.H. Project | Brand Design
Brand Design for The T.R.U.T.H. Project, Inc. // The T.R.U.T.H. Project educates and mobilize LGBTQ communities of color and their allies through social arts that promote mental, emotional, and sexual health.
Brand Design, Logo Design
Arts & Culture, Lifestyle
Houston Strong
A special tribute to the Houston Astros and a visual relief for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This installation was organized by the Houston Via Colori Street Painting Festival as a benefit for the Center for Hearing & Speech and sponsored by Advanced Bionics.
Graphic Art, Graphic Design
Arts & Culture, Public Art, Social Design
Welcome to the Tour
Welcome to the Tour! The Hometown Hero Series is a tribute to the City of Houston and its cultural influencers, lead by Houston's self-proclaimed tour guide ambassador, James E! Walker, a multidisciplinary native from the city. It was only right for me to create a special badge suitable for a tour guide. The HTHS is in association with the Designer Rap Tour featuring James E! Walker and curated by Abstrametrics.
Design & Illustration
Hometown Hero Series
AirMax 91 Remix
An "abstrametric" illustration of the Nike Air Trainer Max 91, endorsed by Bo Jackson. Created as a part of The Dream Team Sneaker Collection.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Abstrametrics
Fashion, Apparel, Sneakers, Nike
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