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High Vibes
Logo + Brand Identity Design for High Vibes Massage Kitchen, an upcoming food truck and restaurant. HV offers a healthy menu with stimulating and relaxing accommodations. Based in Houston, Texas // Creative Services: The Art of James E! Walker // Project Type: Logo & Brand Identity Design // Project Title: High Vibes // Industry: Food + Vegan + Apparel // Commission by D. Nelson // Design: James E! Walker
Logo Design | Brand Identity Design
Food | Vegan | Apparel
Black Underground
Nick Muckleroy + Statements Dance Company presents BLACK UNDERGROUND.
Posters & Flyers | Flyers
Design & Illustration
Perhaps you've seen this brandmark in the midst of my branding campaigns or heard it thrown around in conversations in the attempt to describe my most acknowledged art style... maybe it's best I show you what it is...
Logo Design, Brand Identity
Art | Style | Portraits | Paintings
Houston Strong
Identity design and iconic mark designed as a special tribute to the Houston Astros and a visual relief for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This installation was organized by the Houston Via Colori Street Painting Festival as a benefit for the Center for Hearing & Speech and sponsored by Advanced Bionics.
Open Call Auditions
The T. R. U. T. H. Project, Inc.'s Open Call Audition for talented artists for special projects during Houston Pride.
Posters & Flyers | Flyers
Graphic Design & Illustration | Abstrametrics
I'm From Houston
Album Artwork. Title: I'm From Houston | Artist: Rapper K Label/Affiliation: South Park Coalition 2018. Jewel Case Layout | Design Style: Illustration & Photography Creative Direction, Art Direction, & Photography: James E. Walker
Layout Design
Sno-to-Go // Identity Design
Identity system for a shaved-ice vendor based in Houston, Texas. I had a lot of fun working on this project and developing the illustration and graphics as apart of their collateral. Unfortunately, they are no longer in service.
Logo Design | Brand Identity
Frozen Dessert | Shaved Ice
22-years after the late Christoper "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace's untimely departure, his presence and lyricism still moves mountains. As one of top-10 lyrical influences, it only made sense for my to include Biggie into my Designer Rap Tour Art Series.
Design & Illustration
Designer Rap Tour | Art Series
Rocketeer Wes
Photo Illustration Artwork. I titled this piece, "Rocketeer Wes," mainly because my son is obsessed with all things that take flight (airplanes, rockets, etc.) Well, since he was not old enough to join me on my first skydive jump, I decided to give him his own set of wings to fly.
Photo Illustration
Photography, Design and Illustration
Cover Artwork for James E! Walker // LightWork - Single // Available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify + Apple Music + Tidal + Amazon + Deezer + Pandora + more.
Covers | Album Covers | Music
Design & Illustration | Abstrametrics
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