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Gen-e-sis // 20 in x 20 in // 4-Color Silkscreen Print on Woodstained Panel // Not much of a painter, I'm more of a multimedia artist. This piece was selected for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Citywide African American Artists Exhibition in 2017. It's a portrait of my son at the age of 3, yet ironically, it continues to grow with him. I named it "Gen-e-sis" which represents the beginning of fatherhood and our journey together.
Fine Art | Public Art | Illustration
Printmaking | Silkscreen Print
Heavy Hearted
Album Artwork. Title: Heavy Hearted | Artist: Clymax 2018 | Package Type: 2-Panel Cover + CD Creative Direction: James E. Walker + Clymax Art Direction + Design + Illustration: The Art of James E. Walker
The Art of James E. Walker
Layout Design
Rocketeer Wes
Photo Illustration Artwork. I titled this piece, "Rocketeer Wes," mainly because my son is obsessed with all things that take flight (airplanes, rockets, etc.) Well, since he was not old enough to join me on my first skydive jump, I decided to give him his own set of wings to fly.
Photo Illustration
Photography, Design and Illustration
Cover Artwork for James E! Walker // LightWork - Single // Available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify + Apple Music + Tidal + Amazon + Deezer + Pandora + more.
Covers | Album Covers | Music
Design & Illustration | Abstrametrics
Clutch City 365, Via Colori Street Painting Festival Remix. Inspired by the Houston Rockets' 2015 Playoff Run. Poster Design Illustration of James Harden
Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration
Creative and Art Direction | Illustration + Design
Wu-Tang Tribute
As a part of the Designer Rap Tour Art Series, I wanted to pay homage to hip hop culture and one of my influences, Wu-Tang. Even more so, to the creator behind the iconic "W," Ronald "Mathemathics" Bean.
Design & Illustration
Designer Rap Tour | Art Series
by NOAH NOVA A nostalgic adventure starring the Mo-City Emcee. Album Art + Layout Design CD Jacket - 2-Panel Front + Back
Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography
Art Direction | Photography + Illustration + Design
KB3: Kelsey Bon3, Bad to the Bone
I had the pleasure to create the brand identity logo mark for WNBA All Star Kelsey Bone's basketball camp and vision. I was presented with a rough sketch for their vision. It was then redrawn out and inked digitally.
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Trippy Travi$
There hasn't been many to keep the City of Houston lit in such a way as Missouri City/Houston's own La Flame—Travis $cott. As a part of my Designer Rap Tour Art Series, I wanted to include "Cactus Jack."
Design & Illustration
Designer Rap Tour | Art Series
by THE PRINTING MUSEUM Quarterly Publication for The Printing Museum. Cover designed as a tribute to Artist-in-Residence, Charles Criner. Publication Design 6-Panel Brochure
Art Direction, Illustration, Print Design
Art Direction | Illustration + Design
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