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Rocketeer Wes
Photo Illustration Artwork. I titled this piece, "Rocketeer Wes," mainly because my son is obsessed with all things that take flight (airplanes, rockets, etc.) Well, since he was not old enough to join me on my first skydive jump, I decided to give him his own set of wings to fly.
Photo Illustration
Photography, Design and Illustration
WJW {Heir to the Throne}
May every King prepare the way for the Heir to the Throne // Heir to the Throne Crest // WJW stands for Weston James Walker. This monogram was created after the birth of my son as a keepsake and used as a stamp for our father and son collaborations.
Logo Design, Brand Identity
Family Crest | Monogram
by DRILLA THE GREAT An intergalactic concoction. Album Art + Layout Design CD Jacket | 2-Panel Front + Back
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Art Direction | Photography + Illustration + Design
Heavy Hearted
Album Artwork. Title: Heavy Hearted | Artist: Clymax 2018 | Package Type: 2-Panel Cover + CD Creative Direction: James E. Walker + Clymax Art Direction + Design + Illustration: The Art of James E. Walker
The Art of James E. Walker
Layout Design
The T.R.U.T.H. Project, Inc.
Logo + Brand Identity for The T.R.U.T.H. Project, Inc. // The T.R.U.T.H. Project educates and mobilize LGBTQ communities of color and their allies through social arts that promote mental, emotional, and sexual health.
Logo Design | Brand Identity
Activist Group | LGBTQ
Air Jordan---Off White Remix
Design & Illustration
Designer Rap Tour | Art Series
Collaboration with AVSXNDS Lyrically entering the chamber of carving grooves; graphically. Merchandise Design | Post Cards
Branding, Creative Direction, Packaging
Creative and Art Direction | Illustration + Design
Grand Gesture
Every artist must make a sacrifice. Album Art + Layout Design Commissioned by DEM DAYUM TWINZ & Danny Blvnt
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Creative and Art Direction | Design + Illustration by James E. Walker
Cover Artwork for James E! Walker // LightWork - Single // Available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify + Apple Music + Tidal + Amazon + Deezer + Pandora + more.
Covers | Album Covers | Music
Design & Illustration | Abstrametrics
New Heights
Cover Artwork for Clymax // New Heights - Album // Available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify + Apple Music //
Covers | Album Covers | Music | Hip Hop/Rap
Creative Direction | Design & Illustration
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