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H-Town SLANGuage
H-Town SLANGuage is a continuation element deriving from the "Welcome to the Tour" Tour Guide Ambassador's Badge of Hometown Hero Series. When you hear the phrase "H's Up!", you know what to do.
Design & Illustration
Hometown Hero Series
Cover Art & Design for James E! Walker | Creative & Art, Design & Illustration | Photography: H. Byars. LightWork - Single // Available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify + Apple Music + Tidal + Amazon + Deezer + Pandora + more.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Design, Abstrametrics
Music, Cover Art & Design, Hip Hop/Rap
AirMax 91 Remix
An "abstrametric" illustration of the Nike Air Trainer Max 91, endorsed by Bo Jackson. Created as a part of The Dream Team Sneaker Collection.
Graphic Art, Illustration, Abstrametrics
Fashion, Apparel, Sneakers, Nike
Welcome to the Tour! Las Vegas, NV
A digital illustration over my photography. Photograped in Las Vegas, Nevada on the Las Vegas Strip. This work is apart of our ongoing Designer Rap Tour series.
Photography, Design and Illustration
Tourism, Las Vegas, Nevada
Welcome to the Tour
Welcome to the Tour! The Hometown Hero Series is a tribute to the City of Houston and its cultural influencers, lead by Houston's self-proclaimed tour guide ambassador, James E! Walker, a multidisciplinary native from the city. It was only right for me to create a special badge suitable for a tour guide. The HTHS is in association with the Designer Rap Tour featuring James E! Walker and curated by Abstrametrics.
Design & Illustration
Hometown Hero Series
by K-RINO A lyrical "can of whoop-ass" for anyone crossing the line! Album Art + Layout Design Standard Jewel Case Packaging | 2-Panel with Tray Card
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Illustration
Creative and Art Direction | Design + Illustration
by DRILLA THE GREAT An intergalactic concoction. Album Art + Layout Design CD Jacket | 2-Panel Front + Back
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Art Direction | Photography + Illustration + Design
Gen-e-sis // 20 in x 20 in // 4-Color Silkscreen Print on Woodstained Panel // Not much of a painter, I'm more of a multimedia artist. This piece was selected for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Citywide African American Artists Exhibition in 2017. It's a portrait of my son at the age of 3, yet ironically, it continues to grow with him. I named it "Gen-e-sis" which represents the beginning of fatherhood and our journey together.
Graphic Art, Abstrametrics
Arts & Culture, Public Art, Printmaking
Heavy Hearted
Album Artwork. Title: Heavy Hearted | Artist: Clymax 2018 | Package Type: 2-Panel Cover + CD Creative Direction: James E. Walker + Clymax Art Direction + Design + Illustration: The Art of James E. Walker
The Art of James E. Walker
Layout Design
Rocketeer Wes
Rocketeer Wes is a conceptual photo illustration that represents my son's obsession with all adventures of taking flight (airplanes, rockets, skydiving, etc.) He now has his own set of wings to fly.
Graphic Art, Photography, Abstrametrics
Portrait Art, Photo Illustration
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